Religious Accommodation for Muslim Employees

Accommodating muslim prayer at work, introduction

Your employer is legally required to take steps to end harassment. Please do not send any confidential information to Primerus or its member law firms until an attorney-client relationship has been established. When charges or complaints are filed too late, you may not be able to obtain any remedy.

Finally, be sure that managers and supervisors know not to retaliate against Muslim workers or others who have requested a religious accommodation. The timing of the added break will fluctuate during the year to coordinate with the religious timing for Muslim prayers. Social Interaction Again, because of the emphasis on modesty between genders, some Muslims may be reluctant to shake the hand of an unrelated person of the opposite gender.


  1. Conclusion American Muslims are a growing part of the corporate landscape, contributing to all walks of life, in a variety of professions.
  2. How many is too many, justifying an undue burden defense?
  3. Obviously this conflicts with my work hours.

Some employees may request a change in schedule to come in later since they may be up late at night for special night prayers. Prayer times will fluctuate throughout the year as they correspond with the rising and setting of the sun. If you are worried that your coworkers might retaliate against you for complaining, christian dating reasons to break you should know that your employer has a legal duty to protect you against retaliation.

Conflict and Accommodation. When I came in to work the first day, she appeared to be startled by my appearance. Field offices are located throughout the United States.

Islam prescribes that both Muslim men and women behave and dress modestly and that they should be valued for their skills and character, not their physical attributes. Let's assume that when the employer saw you wearing your hijab, she worried about how her customers would feel about it. Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Hijab cases continue to this day to test the limits of employer dress codes and resistance to accommodation.

Religious Accommodation for Muslim Employees

If you have had a good relationship with these coworkers in the past, perhaps the most effective approach would be to discuss the conduct directly with them. But in light of such complex issues, my parents are what are the legal obligations and how should an employer proceed? These charges most commonly allege harassment and discharge.

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Working with Muslim Employees

While these are practices of a typical, religiously observant Muslim employee, it is important to remember that Muslims are not all the same. Since hajj happens only once a year, it is challenging and expensive to reschedule a planned hajj. No pork accommodation is far from a certainty, however. Thus, Rashid is entitled to accommodation. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.

In recent years, Muslim employees and their employers have struggled with how to handle the religious requirement to perform obligatory prayers while at work. Muslim employees may choose to use their vacation days to perform the pilgrimage. Once notified of a request for accommodation, employers should undertake good faith efforts to assess the difficulties of accommodation and proceed accordingly.

June 8 2016

Upon successfully proving a prima facie case, courts apply a burden-shifting approach. Travelers, sick people, the elderly, and pregnant and nursing women are exempt from fasting in Ramadan but may choose to fast anyway. There are strict deadlines for filing charges. Employers must investigate the extent of the hardship that the request will create. Your email address will not be published.

Workplace Religious Accommodations and Islamic Prayer

Accommodating Daily and Weekly Prayers. Employers with neutral policies regarding breaks who are still encountering issues accommodating prayers may need to scale back or adjust those policies. Private security firms, on the other hand, do not enjoy what amounted in Webb to an exception for public paramilitary organizations on accommodating hijab -wearing employees.

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Accommodating Islam in the Workplace A Work in Progress

Abercrombie and Fitch Stores, Inc. The employee may suggest numerous workable solutions. The solution seemed straightforward.

Working with Muslim Employees - Islamic Networks Group (ING)

Most of the cases of discrimination have been against female employees who wear the religious head scarf or males who wear beards for religious reasons. By allowing liberal prayer breaks or crafting policies that carve out enough time to perform prayers, employers can alleviate the internal conflict that Muslim employees might feel. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

When in doubt, consult with competent employment counsel. An employer may not refuse to hire someone because of his or her religion, national origin, race or color. While umrah includes many of the same rituals as hajj, it does not have a fixed date and can take place at any time of the year. When an employee makes a request for a reasonable religious accommodation, engage in an interactive process with the employee, dating at 50 just as you would for a disability-related accommodation request. We will assess the allegation and conduct the appropriate investigation.

It is not enough, however, to claim an undue hardship based on fears, prejudices, or general conclusions. Hajj, like Ramadan, does not fall at a fixed time but moves eleven days earlier each year. In May, an employer in Minnesota refused to schedule prayer breaks requested by employees, and subsequently fired some workers who refused to comply with the work schedule.

Contact our office today for more information. Legal action was taken in the case of seven women employed by Argenbright Security Inc. The manufacturer pointed to safety issues resulting from disruption to the line, negative impacts on operational efficiency, goodreads dating and associated costs.

  • Styles vary, but women wear clothing that covers the entire body except for the face and hands.
  • However, each situation is different.
  • Muslim women wear loose, non-revealing clothing, which includes covering of the hair and neck with a head scarf.

The employee was allegedly fired for going over his supervisor to make a request for religious accommodation. Some employee may use some of their personal vacation during the last ten days of Ramadan to engage in extra devotion. During the prayer, Muslims quietly recite from the Quran and other prayers as they stand, bow, and prostrate themselves. The No Pork Accommodation. It must be based on actual information, not hypotheticals or potential consequences.

Let us pray the challenges of accommodating Muslim prayer in the workplace

Workplace Religious Accommodations and Islamic Prayer

Finally, employers should be aware of the issues involved in potentially discriminating against non-Muslim employees if employers schedule prayer breaks into the day for Muslim employees only. The employer bears the burden of showing a court that if they were to accommodate prayer breaks, that the employer would suffer more than a trivial amount of harm. Coming up with an acceptable solution to the problem depends on your specific circumstances. The key is that you should work closely with your employer in finding an appropriate accommodation. When Muslims are on hajj they are generally not available for phone or electronic communications.

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Decide who has the authority to grant or deny accommodation requests and make sure that person or group of people understands how to analyze the issue and the consequences of getting it wrong. Such discrimination is prohibited in any aspect of employment, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, benefits, training, job duties, and termination.

When he had work performance problems he was transferred to the pork production line, where he could be closely supervised. Before an employee even makes a request for religious accommodation in the workplace, employers may want to set up policies on how an employee can do so in order to pray. Adding Muslim holidays to any corporate calendar and avoiding scheduling important meetings on the holidays is greatly appreciated. In situations where halal meat is not available, vegetarian dishes, dairy, and fish products are a good alternative. Before praying, Muslims are required to wash their hands, mouth, nose, face, arms, and feet, which can be done in a bathroom sink.

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