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We know you only found out about the engagement on the reunion show and we saw your reaction. So, this is embarrassing now but I felt totally in control. She is without question the most beautiful, attractive woman inside and out that I have ever met. She means the world to me.

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Can you tell us anything about that? And he was open about his feelings in the media conference call.

Do I think she meant the things she said? Did you forgive him for that?

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In terms of them in general, I think the biggest thing I have to say is I feel really bad for them. But seriously, Stag is not happy about the way things played out. While some of the other couples were talking about post-show relationships, Rachel and I had not. And he played that part of the game brilliantly. It was equal parts very hard and very sad but the game parts of me, the challenges were really fun.

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But vacation is first on the list. They are engaged and Stag is riding solo. Something very big, like I know that. So I do, I feel bad for them.

We both made mistakes and there was a lack of communication. If you were ever offered this, would you consider being The Bachelor? Did you have any good times too?

Blake and I kind of agreed before it happened to let Holly go on that date. But yeah, that really, really upset me and makes it really hard to, yeah, be great friends with Holly and be great friends with Blake and really wish them well. Was it hard to see her dating anyone, or specifically because it was Blake? In that regard it was like a no-brainer to take them. My direct response in that moment, I kind of blacked out.

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You must have people lined up outside to get your number? And then the boring stuff like, you know, getting rid of my student loans and some credit card debt. Holly tweeted the pics below of her happily making herself at home as an engaged woman. Rachel I was obviously told ahead of time that I would go in the hot seat and that I would talk about how things ended with Rachel, the game, etc.

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Did either of you consider not sharing the prize? We all want to see you be happy and find love. As soon as I sat down, I whispered that I needed to talk badly and then the bomb was dropped almost immediately.

They were very much like my brother and sister on the show. Did you expect Graham and Michelle to take the majority of the votes or did you think you were sailing to victory?

What will you do with the money? What was your opinion of Blake and how he played the game and your opinion of him overall? Hard to believe since he easily charmed all the women on the conference call. But game play, they played it great, they really did. Did you come close to picking Kasey and Vienna instead?

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Every week he seemed to duck under the radar and ultimately that is a really good strategy. And then tried to tell Kasey and Vienna that the whole thing was my idea. Blake planned with the producers to surprise Holly with a picnic and a proposal at the end of the day. They were so dramatic and outspoken that everyone focused on them.

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Literally just completely in love with him. It was great, honestly, like when we talked it was great. Can you share some memorable moments.

In the interview below, londoni olympia online dating Holly says that she had tried telling Michael the night before but his phone had been taken away for filming. Are you team Michael or Team Blake? He wanted to punch Blake and yell at Holly. But when did you find out Holly was planning to move from L.

Those old feelings of affection resurfaced when they both starred and paired up as partners on The Bachelor Pad. What was your reaction when Holly started developing feelings for Blake? So, yeah, I think that just sounds tough.

It was upsetting that she chose him. So, yeah, I completely forgave him and love him to death. We were engaged and therefore I will always care about and love her so it makes me happy when she is happy. Were you surprised you won? But yeah unfortunately I really did spend a lot of the time really sad.

Looks like you can find love and money in the same place at the same time. Wow, yes if I answer that totally honestly, yeah I do. Obviously you can see Kasey is really torn up about how he looks and regrets a lot of what happened and a lot of what he said. Oh no, definitely not sailing to victory.

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We did not sit down and, like, share beers and talk really at all. What do you plan to do with your winnings? Yeah I kind of regret that moment. That was the lowest thing they could have done for ratings. It comes with a small curse.