Christian Soaking Music

This particular prayer movement is not yet prevalent in the majority of Christian churches. Soaking Worship Instructions An article with keys on how to soak in prayer. Soaking Music Internet Radio Online More worship music selected from The Secret Place in our online players - a great resource for those wanting to spend hours soaking. This song is from the soaking album Seek My Face. You should see music players below to play each of the three albums.

Listen online to these intimate songs on our latest collection of new worship cds. The Secret Place is not just a listening experience, it is a place of intimacy with the Father, a place where the heart longs for His touch.

Spend some time in His presence today! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jamie, new sister in the Lord, thank you for your website. Peace Beautiful instrumental music featuring accoustic guitar. This session was a powerful time of prophetic worship.

Christian soaking music

We often soak to it and put it on when we get up in the morning. My husband and I go to sleep listening to it often all night on the repeat mode.

This blog, and all of our ministry efforts, are made possible through your partnerships, donations, and product purchases. Resources Soaking Music Internet Radio Online More worship music selected from The Secret Place in our online players - a great resource for those wanting to spend hours soaking. The day after the first recording, I was flooded with emails all day long about how God used these tracks to minister to people. Again, praise God for this new found website.

Prophetic Soaking Music Experience music with a spontaneous, creative, prophetic edge. Soaking in God's Word Spend time in His presence with these scriptures. Fitness Trainer at a Fitness Club. If you are tired, weary, or have people in your life that need prayer, you will be powerfully encouraged by this album. Middle East You have to come to our place!

Add music players to your website or blog! Free sheet music for the Seek My Face album Full lyrics for all the songs plus guitar chords. Karen, ulead photoimpact 7 that is really awesome.

Instrumental Music for Soaking Experience purely instrumental soaking music - perfect for relaxing in the peace of His presence. There are new songs coming forth.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope the music blessed you! Soaking in the Lord is about being in His presence long enough to enable us to let go of who we are and become more like Him.

Christian Soaking Music Will Help You to Experience God s Presence

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It is an aid in seeking God. Experience His power and anointing and soak in The Secret Place. Your email address will not be published. It is annointed and I have had some awesome visions of angels and God's glory while worshipping with it in the background.

Deep Calls to Deep Gentle music for prayer and meditation. As a church, our identity is a passionate people who long for, and pursue His presence. It also gives a brief overview about Catch the Fire Ministries. Visit Pursuit of His Presence.

And, thank you in advance! Anointed soaking in God's glory will transform us into His likeness.

Christian soaking musicFree Worship and Soaking Music

Refreshing for a Thirsty Heart Let you spirit be refreshed as you draw from the well of His Presence. These days I am extremely busy however, I will visit you some even so. Life transforming moments, because of what you are birthing. Keep Making Beautiful Music for Him!

What is Soaking Prayer Worship Music? It is a time to focus on a relationship with the Lord where lives are truly changed. As your music is being played, I see a room filled with people connecting with God in a new way.


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Prophetic Worship for Soaking. So, thank you for participating in this community! Your feedback means the world to me.