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Dandelion dating sim jisoo lovelyz, this game is now available on Steam!

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Appearance Jieun original outfit As a rabbit, Jieun is a white baby rabbit with red eyes. As you progress through his route, Jieun begins to express the emotions he feels and becomes better at talking, at least with Heejung. In his good ending, Jieun has a more mature look to him. His playful nature is seen when he tries to prank Jiwoo, though his motives were to win a prize for Heejung.

It is found out that he can also be manipulative to get what he wants. They are different people, right?

Extraordinary hacker that likes to pull pranks and make jokes, but actually has some dark secrets hiding beneath this playful mask. Gameplay involves stat raising, buying items, gifting items, going on dates, working, interacting with the characters and, last but not least, reading through the story of the game. To get more money go to the beach and search for pearls. He is very affectionate and has a playful, mischievous nature.

After turning in to a human, Jiyeon still has the same playful, mischievous nature he had as a cat. Heejung falls in love with one of the characters but each character is pursued individually. This means there are multiple endings good and bad.

This can be found on steam when you search dandelion. It is a dating sim so the user must pursue the boy of their choice. Some may find the stat building annoying and at times it can be repetitive but I liked this aspect and thought it made it a bit different to a lot of the dating sims out there. My main problem with it has been how frustrating finding some of the characters can be, Jisoo especially, bmth echo dating and having to do the quick save then quick load can be a bit repetitive.

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He is also still readily affectionate toward Heejung. An internet connection is required to play the game. In his good ending, Jiyeon's hair is more well groomed and sticks down straighter. Thank you, Heejung unnie, Eri unnie.

It is topped with what looks like a small crown. Maybe you can even save them. During Jiyeon's route, he is seen to have a many different facets to his nature. There is also a free demo which may be worth checking out first and starts part way through the storyline.

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He has bright orange hair, the same purple eyes, and wear Jiyeon's original outfit s a black cloak lined with red, secured with a red string around golden cloak clasps. She is always under pressure by her mother and is constantly trying to get straight A's.

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He is very timid and prefers to stick close to Jihae. Jiyeon worrying over Heejung. Cheritz created everything in our worlds. The more activities there are it seems the harder it is to find some characters. She moves out of her moms house and tries to live independently.

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The pair of shoes have yellow lace and green bows on them. The demo version is free but the full version must be purchased. Buy the vision pills as soon as possible, they mean that when you look around for items on a date you see more items and this helps a lot when trying to find stamps. Each has certain interactions that increase their feelings towards you, for example staring at or poking a certain part. Similar to how he acted as a rabbit, after turning into a human, Jieun behaves quiet and shy, often depending on Jihae for almost everything.

This game is now available on Steam!

Initially, Jieun seems like the pampered prince, asking for the most trivial tasks to be done for him and complaining about the cats or anything really being too loud. But the text language can be chosen between English and Korean. You shoot a glance towards her, the bangs of her purplish brown hair fanning her face as she sits next to you.

The only dark color are his brown trousers. Heejung quickly learns that they are not part of her world and is very intrigued yet baffled as to what she has gotten herself into.

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