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Some useful advice on spotting older forgeries. Numbered specimen listings with good rubbing, catalog number, rarity rating, and often weight, diameter, and hoard reference noted in plates or in chart at back. The reverse is blank on these, although there can sometimes be merchant chops on them.

  1. These vary in weight quite a bit and are fairly crudely cast with poorly finished or unfinished rims and course unfinished surfaces.
  2. We first we thought it might be an amulet, found it listed in the Shanghi Enyclopedia as a known coin.
  3. Census figures for modern coins.
  4. Chinese text with brief English summary of each article.

They never gave their reasons. Palace cash should may or may not be considered a type of amulet. Sometimes, it isn't possible to throw forth anything resembling a guess. At the top on the note, in the middle, is a small hole as which should be present on most genuine examples of these notes x mm.

Today, single we expect coins made in to have that date on the coin. Surprisingly good rubbings of coins usually seen in photos. More variety depth than his broader works.

How to Identify Oriental Coins

Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins Vol. Some of his own ilustrations are forgeries. Important reference for Qing collector. Trees are not large or clear enough in most cases to determine coin type, but this limited run of photos remains the only record of the collection. Extensive ttest plus catalog of pieces.

Chinese coins Identification and value

Draft saved Draft deleted. All other mints have the mint name twice, in Manchu on the left and Chinese on the right. Abahay changed the Dynastic name to Ch'ing in and on his death in his nine year old son Shih Tsu know as Shun Chih came to the throne. Chinese text, English review. Amongst the first Chinese to settle here.

And they are all worth nothing. Have an idea of a price for them? The formal and flowing script varieties are in separate volumes, mine with slightly different formats i. The first in-depth work on any Far Eastern amulet series!

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Includes Yamada's rarity ratings, and a glossary of variety terms. Plates just fair in this photocopy reprint. Send your wantlist or we can supply as they come. Includes essay on history of Chinese coinage. Norman Gorny plans to reference this catalog in his next revision.

Chinese Coin Date

Chinese Coins Value Chart

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Chinese Dating

For this important dimension you will need works such as Hartill's Qing Cash or Burger for Qing, Gorny or his source works on Song, Doo on Banliang, wuzhu, and kaiyuan, etc. This issue is often rough or poorly cast. With the bit of snooping I did they might have carried some value as tokens within the Chinese communities back in the day. Includes pre reigns revised from his work.

Originally Posted by kuger. Ex-Virgil Hancock library, with his stamps. The biblical narrative tells us that Herod ordered the Massacre of the Innocents in response to the birth of Jesus, long how when he was about years old.

Years of Chinese Coins

White's old finding list is still good to have. Libraries and single copies are wanted. The numbering system is a bit cumbersome, but adequate. Color plates show rarities. Site devoted to Sycee, including a Bibliography, go fish dating uk from Stephen Tai.

When they become available we will add images of them. Two articles on Tibetan items, one on Vietnamese cash. Of limited use to non-Chinese reader but obviously full of information. According to the Krause catalogue of world coins, these were made as New Years gifts to people in the Imperial Palace, usually eunuchs and guards, who hung them below lamps. Catalog with excellent plates of pieces, each cross-referenced to specimens in Daxi and other works.

If correct, that would mean our entire calendar system is off by about half a decade. The Manchu mint name translates to Pao-Ho. Useful for beginner or advanced authenticity. Replaces Novak and supercedes all other references excepting unofficial series. Basic References on Chinese Cash is my essay comparing mainly in-print Western-language works.

At the top of that same page other methods of dating are outlined. Well-illustrated study of spade coinage with revised dating system for Eastern Zhou spades. This gives this bronze coin a dating of B.

Collectible Chinese Coins
  • Throughout the Chinese series there are found local imitations of Chinese coins.
  • Those coins were sometimes to yrs.
  • Specimens range from well circulated to various colorful patinations.
  • Advise if interested in single volumes or a set.
  • These notes are somewhat scarce, but do turn up from time to time and are the only Chinese banknotes of this period that are not very rare.

Classification system by visual elements rather than use. Franking the Manchu script are two Chinese characters that usually indicate the lunar year cycle. Hartill often references zeno.

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Intended for Chinese collectors, includes a rather silly price table in five grades! It doesn't claim they actually attained five years, just that they hope or expect to. In some cases these coins are simply counterfeits meant to be spent alongside the official government issues.


Sycee remained popular in Szechuan after types of other Provinces were melted for coining, hence their relative commonness today. It is scientifically worked out and shows much painstaking labor and checking. One of the few sources of basic Charm information in English. Older catalogs are difficult to obtain. First in a series based on the Bibliotheque Nationale collection.

The Ch'ing Dynasty was a period of enlightenment, with the arts and literature reaching a high point under the Emperorss K'ang Hsi and Ch'ien Lung. Numbering system and rarity guide. And the shopkeeper was right, they are junk, but interesting exonumia nevertheless provided you can read the inscriptions. The character can occur either at the top or on the right side. There is no alphabetical list, so R.

An intact note with a light stain in the top left corner and a few brown rust stains from paper clips more noticeable on the back. Please ask for those wanted by number. The photos are the most useful part. This is an unusual approach for a Chinese work and is helpful to the Western user even if he can not read Chinese.

Introductions are bilingual, and some text is exclusively Chinese, but there is more than enough to orient the Western reader unfamiliar with the field. Highly recommended despite the price, especially for the non-Chinese reader. Apparently only Chinese works. Some experts on the series have proposed that once the coins reached the anepigraphic phase, they may have remained in production until the middle ages, possibly as late as the Islamic conquests.

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