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External shutter control option Capture live view and then wait for external shutter release for timing motion control shots. Program complex camera moves in an intuitive interface. Or use standard keyboard commands to cut, copy and paste.


Program animated lighting with simple keyframes. Audio Import and edit multiple audio tracks. Step to live Step directly from captured frames to your live view. Multiple Drawing Layers Create multiple drawing layers, name them, and blend them as required. Load multiple reference stills or videos and view them with your animation.

Dragonframe is an excellent frame-grabber, with tools such as step-to-live, onionskinning, auto-toggling, sarvam bgm ringtone and drawing virtual grease pencil. Dragonframe is the premier frame-grabbing software for stop motion animation and time-lapse photography. Dragonframe Software Only Upgrade. You do not need to download the program again.

Clipping view Quickly see if you are clipping in the highlights or bottoming in the blacks. Check for over or underexposed areas with the clipping view. Compose for multiple formats with confidence.

Take test shots and get your shot right, before you start. Link exposures to keep their settings the same. Integrated motion control means that you can program camera moves and lighting effects from within the same system.

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Perform dialogue track reading for multiple characters. Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fujifilm. So if you purchased multiple licenses, you could install on any combination of Mac, Windows or Linux machines.

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Video frame averaging Average frames to reduce video noise video only. High-res playback Play back either your video assist frames or proxies of your full-resolution captures. Step, play, capture, repeat. You define your lighting program before you shoot, and then watch as Dragonframe controls your lights during the shot, leaving your animators to focus on animating. Add reminders, sketch motion paths and adjusting timing.

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Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac Windows and Linux - Dragonframe

Split tracks and drag segments to adjust timing on the fly. The software is delivered as a digital download as soon as your payment clears, so you can get to work right away. Advanced composition guides Emulate ground glass with composition guides in the guide layers.

Copy and rename scenes and takes Duplicate a scene or take from within Dragonframe. Add groups for mouth, eyes, ears, or whatever parts you need.

Dragonframe - eMotimo

Sexually explicit or offensive language. Create custom aspect ratio masks. With the Dragonframe keypad, you can stay focused on animating instead of hunting around with the mouse. Run a move test within the Arc workspace and see how it looks.

Capture black-out Darken your monitor while capturing to keep its glow from interfering with your lighting. Add a push-in mask to allow post-production push-in or panning. Flaming or offending other users.

Toggle One keypress toggles between live and captured frames, then back again when released. Load images from other scenes to compare exposure and composition. You can even move waveforms and character track readings together, to keep them in sync. Perfect your exposure, focus and composition. Automate work lights for the animator.

If you review your animation at a different speed, the audio adjusts to stay synced. You'll be completing pop-through tests in record time.

Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac Windows and Linux - Dragonframe

Compose and light the perfect shot with camera controls, test shots and advanced image review tools. Guide Layers New interface for configuring composition guides, line-up layers and drawings. Advertisements or commercial links.

Grid layers Add up to two custom grids to help with horizon line-up and composition. Import multiple audio tracks and make basic edits. Define your lighting program with keyframes. Add grid overlays for help with composition. Adjust timing, reshoot sequences, and even restore deleted frames.

Manage multiple takes for a scene Create multiple takes within the same scene project. Improved Reference Material System Load multiple line-up layers with separate opacity, chromakeying and masking. The playback and stepping functions are fully customizable for your needs. Pop out reference videos into a synchronized player if you want it off to the side. Digital densitometer Compare and match areas of exposure regardless of monitor inconsistencies.

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Bring your animation to life. Step directly between live view and captured frames or switch to auto-toggle.

Dragonframe Software Only. Motion Control Use the intuitive graphical interface to program advanced camera moves.