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Also available in a star-shaped mold. They also carry silicone ice cream sandwich molds which look like a lot of fun too. And the shape in general is more prone to breaking.

Too big for anyone, really. Making a Lot of Ice Pops for a Party?

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Ice Pop Molds Deals

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Some have reported problems with the molds breaking en route. Some of the bigger molds are really really big. All of the popsicle molds handle basic fruit-based pops very well. The silicone molds themselves easily flipped inside out for super-simple cleaning. And check out these Jewel Pop Molds!

What Ingredients Work Best? Worried about that smell in your Zoku molds? These pops dripped less and were easier and more fun to eat. They carry a bevy of great products including squeeze up ice pop molds. Robot, rocket and sailboat.

Best sellers for Ice Pops Molds

Reviewers say that pops are difficult to get out of the tray, and that the plastic stick tends to break in half. These are also harder to bite than traditionally shaped pops, but only slightly so. With that mostly eliminated, we turn to silicone.

They do take longer to freeze. Stainless steel might be totally ick-factor free, is jlo dating david gandy but there are zero stainless steel molds on the market that come with handles. Jam a popsicle stick into a yogurt container and freeze.

Pour into ice pop molds and freeze. Stainless steel freezes very quickly, and I found it froze alcohol popsicles much quicker and more successfully than any other mold. They also seem to solve the problem of the half-broken pops.

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So, again, our main pick is still the Round. Kinderville is one of our favorite companies. After tugging and pulling at too many plastic molds, the quick release of silicone or stainless steel is a blessing.

The Best Popsicle Molds for Awesome Ice Pops

So I found a couple that pass the test as far as plastic goes. You do have to use popsicle sticks, which is an annoyance and a waste.

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In a very informal, non-scientific test, I found the Classic Round held its shape longer and dripped slower than the Classic. No one wants a repeat of my butter knife incident. What I like about these is that you can do some creative ice pop making with the cool shapes. Unless you get immediate, gotta-have-it cravings, go for a more traditional model. Bada-boom, delicious frozen treat.

The plastic broke easily, and the pops were impossible to pull out of the mold without breaking in half. In addition, its metal stand felt rickety and the small plastic disk inside the metal drip catchers, intended to hold the bamboo stick in place, often became dislodged. The molds slid off easily after being run under hot water, and the shape was maintained throughout the entire popsicle-eating experience.