Ishmael Avulekile Amasango Mp3

Chila stood up, and Mama looked up at her daughter, just as the tiny arm dropped lifelessly from her bundle. Put your hand in the hand of the man who stills the water Put your hand in the hand of the man who calms the sea. We travel across the countries Singing our song We travel across the countries Singing our song All nations love our songs This is the song Yes this is the song Oh! Sihlala ngo thando noxolo Masigiye bo masigiye nge njabulo.

His wounds are our pillar of strength for ever. Grace, grace Where would I be? Newer Post Older Post Home. This shameless death would not go away with water.

Ziyamazi umelusi Ziyamazi ubaba wazo Ziyamazi umelusi Ziyamazi ubaba wazo Huye ozi holayo Huye ozi holayo. When I see my saviour dying on the cross, I should stop being a sinner. Mama stirred the hot water on the paraffin stove and when a song came up in her, she swallowed it back down. Chila wrapped the clean, lifeless body in a towel and dressed her in the white Sunday dress for the trip to the morgue.

Wasi fela e Golgotha, siya vuma Nge nxa ye zono, siya vuma Laphalala igazi, siya vuma Sithi amen, amen, siya vuma. The sinners whose lives are doomed Their sins are washed away by the blood And they live with happiness and forgiveness.

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Jerusalem is my home That I love so much My wishes and hopes are for you My eyes will see beautiful gates And the street of gold Of the City of Salvation. Our Father, who art in Heaven, Amen! Perhaps her daughter may praise God, no matter what. Here was her daughter, making a tub for death and the baby to get in together.

Come close to me, my hope All my wishes come through My love for you is so strong I could die for you. Chila stared at her kneeling mother, and the tears came again, for both of them. Ahuna ya tswanang le jesu Ahuna ya tswanang le jesu Ahuna ya tswanang le jesu Ahuna ya tswanang naye.

We have taken the bride We have taken the bride The groom said we must come with you Because you are causing him grief By making him a single man Marry and be happy. Chila considered herself lucky to have this one.

Ishmael Avulekile Amasango Mp3

This song is about an ordinary person who has to give up power to guarantee his place in an uncertain tomorrow. The chorus is about those who have been waiting for so long for this change to take place. Mama stared at both of them for most of the morning, and she did not sing, even to herself.

News you might be interested in. The taxis would not run until the morning, and there was no one with a car that would take her back to the government hospital. This morning, death had silently entered their dwelling, a tin shed, and sat with them there now, as if he had come for tea. Instead, shortly after arriving home, Alekwa vomited the powders over and over again and the fever began to rage.

Roba Letheka - Ishmael

Zanele, why are we fighting for you? There were no more tears left to weep, and even Chila could see death finishing his cup of tea at the table. In the township, the babies came fast and someone was always needing things for them. There is still warmth in her body.

Ishmael Avulekile Amasango Mp3

Lyrics Avulekile Amasango Ishmael. Amen Avulekile hay hay hay. Amen Avulekile amasango asezulwini Heaven's gates have been opened Hay hay hay Oh hooo. Type song title, betty blue full movie artist or lyrics. Click here to see the Soweto Gospel Choir sing it live.

Now Chila was back on the bed, cradling the baby and not weeping. Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now.

Roba Letheka - Ishmael

More lyrics from the album. No translations available. Last night Chila had called for her mother, who brought the ancient herbs and mixed them dutifully as she had done for a thousand babies. Mama could see that her worry had stopped up her ears. As the night went on, she crawled reluctantly in to bed.

Roba LethekaAvulekile Amasango

Just put your hands Just put your hands in the hand of the man from Galilee Joy, peace and happiness in my soul. Perhaps the song would break the fever.