Lowrate Voip

This only occurred on specific router combinations. When the client would download updates after checking for updates, the progress icon was not displayed. Now duplicate contacts can be used as long as they are of different type. Clearing the callhistory contained a locking bug. The language editor will now display the file that is currently being edited.

02-12-2014 4.14 Build 758Old versions

The internal connection handling has been enhanced. The new liveupdate screens are now translatable. Missed calls while offline implemented.

When tabs are switched, the dialstring in the lower combo will be erased. Vtp connection method has been made less dependent on backend server status. Restarting the app was the only solution to be able to logon again. The callerid is displayed in the titlebar when the client is logged on. After a LiveUpdate it took too long before the application restarted.

When country and area code are entered correctly, short dialing is possible for phone numbers within the same region. When modifying contacts, the phonenumbers will be checked. Message when user comes online was not displayed anymore. Fixed potential crash in Bandwidth test procedure.

New VoiceEngine implemented. When checking for new versions an overview of new files is presented. Advanced connection setup has been enhanced. When entering a username in the suggestions screen on the getting started wizard the client would crash.

This wil solve a lot of crashes. Several displaypicture issues solved.

New incoming calls will not interfere with existing calls. Fixes client possible hanging while changing speakerdevice during a call. The language editor will indicate if the current file is dirty.

Bad connections suffered from this bug the most. When verify was executed after a phone type change in the profile screen, the client could hang. The rename contacts option was not working in vista. Cleanup profile phonenumber types if not used.

When entering very long usernames in the logon screen the client would not respond anymore and logonprocedure had to be manually terminated. Large multiline strings can now be translated with the language editor. The VoiceEngine contained a bug that could crash the application while in a call.

Adding phone numbers could fail for some countries Russian Federation, Ukraine, Mauritius and some more. Some minor issues in the network testfunctions have been fixed. When searchbar in the contactlist was empty after searching.

Free international calls

The client could crash when the wrong time was read from an ntp server. The audiolevels during a conference were not always displayed properly. The client could crash when it received a specific server message. When user entered a number to dial without country, it's not handled as contact.

Low rate voip

In earlier versions the sound delay could increase when a new call was received during a call. Now the client will be restored. Switching audiodevices resulted in unpredictable volume slider behaviour.

After an verify the callerid is set to verified number, even when cancel is pressed. Fixed issues with selecting sounddevices on languages that use non-ascii character sets.

02-12-2014 4.14 Build 758

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On one specific connection method it was impossible to receive voip-in calls. The client will first check the internet connection before proceeding to connect to the voip network. When a voip server was put in maintenance, easter images the client did not reroute to another server automatically. Fixed phone number verification is enabled. The sms icon in the contact list has changed.

Release Notes

The LiveUpdate system has been enhanced. The volume slider did not work correctly. The kernel has been enhanced on several places increasing stability of the application. Some textual and visual changes in dialogs.

Some import contact functions were not working properly. Fixed potential crash in shutdown sequence. When dialpad activated, the phonenr input is no longer cleared.

Due to a floating variable in the taskbar window the client could crash. Memory leak solved in the internal graphics library. Conference calls where virtually impossible due to internal locking problems. The call would remain in the active call list forever until the client was killed.

The manual LiveUpdate is now async. When a call is made and another call is already active, the user is prompted to create a conference. When changing the caller id, this was not reflected in the title of the client.

MostUsedContactList could contain double contactnames. History sms popup size now works with multipart sms. When a similar audio device is plugged in it will automatically be selected. Internal connection methods have been slightly enhanced resulting in faster connects.

The language editor will not discard any changes without warning the user. Minor internal settings change. When hovering from an empty contact area to the directcall icon, no tooltip was displayed.