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Park gahee micky yoochun dating, park Gahee is Suffering from Rude Replies

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But to me, we have to limit ourselves. His wish came true as his music and acting career became a success. When you truly support your idol, you support them to have a relationship, because it will make them happy.

That is when you truly am someone's fans. Because I want them to be happy Whilst as a fan, support them and tell him how much we support him and everything, rather than bash the girl. However, the group only lasted until because they filed a lawsuit for unfair contract terms and other concerns in their agency. Are they supposed to remain single forever just to make fans happy?

Although I am like totally in love with a few idols if any day, I find out they are dating, yeah jealous, but then I hope they are happy, and the girl they date is worth their love and time. It is possible that she deleted her instagram account as well. You know, for you to truly care about someone, you should wish them happiness no matter what and respect the decisions they make on who they date. Despite being in relationship of almost two years, they still broke up.

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She also denied being in a relationship with Yoochun. Yoochun likes a woman with a kind looking face who gives an aura of sunshine. If you don't like their music, that's fine, she is dating a gangster kathniel movie but don't hate on someone just because they're dating one of your idols.

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Like omg, wake up people, they are not going to randomly fall in love with you just because you line up and get their autographs at every single session. Ill introduce his lover and lovelife. Some hours later the press release, Hwang Ha Na wrote an instagram post begging people to leave her alone, since she is a civilian.

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For two years now he has been thinking of adopting a girl with his mother, however he is a very busy person, so it has not happened yet. Last March, Kahi got married to an entrepreneur and is now expecting their first baby.

If ever he has a girlfriend, they would go on dates publicly. This is because he never once introduced his girlfriend to his parents.

And the most important, someone who can be pleasant to his mother. The two supposedly met this fall through a common friend. His management agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the news a few hours later, stating that the star is indeed engaged.

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Park Gahee is Suffering from Rude Replies