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The city does not expect the plan to cost any money, and it will cooperate with dating agencies that will sponsor the demarcation of carriages. But are subways really the best place to encourage lonely hearts to strike up a conversation that might lead to true love? However, as we were just descending in the subway entrance, two uniformed man may be tram clerks? This afternoon I was heading for the subway station with my friend because we want to find the transportation directions.

Parts of the tracks in the city centre were mostly bored using the tunnelling shield. Maybe one day it will be better, who knows? The time that has elapsed from the moment when the previous train left the station can be seen on the clock at the head of the tracks. Singles hoping to get a date on the Prague subway will have to be incredibly deft if they ever hope to catch the attention of a possible mate.

The Prague Metro is very safe. The Prague subway is fast, efficient, clean and easy to use. After searching in Google, I find out the subway police in Prague are expert at scamming confused tourists notoriously. List of Prague Metro stations The Prague Metro system is laid out as a triangle, whos jojo dating with all three lines meeting in the centre of the city at three interchange stations. This experience shed a really bad impression of Prague on me.

The sub-surface stations have a straight ceiling sometimes supported by columns. The deep-level stations are larger tunnels with the track tunnels on each side. All stations are equipped with escalators and about two thirds of all metro stations allow access for the disabled. Part of Line B runs in a glassed-in tunnel above the ground.

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Right, might make breaking the ice easier. After receiving the cash, we asked for a receipt but they just fleet away immediately and we couldn't find them any more. Each interchange station has two halls, one hall for each line.

We felt threat of personal safety so we agreed to pay the ridiculous fine. Night trams and buses must be used when the metro is closed. The idea was hatched as a way to increase ridership on public transportation, according to Filip Drapal, a spokesman for Ropid, the city's public transport authority. Prague is a small city, and the average metro ride usually lasts no more than five minutes. Line D Blue is planned to be built in the future.

New stations continue to be added. Most stations usually have a single island platform in the centre of the station hall tunnel serving both directions. We explained to them that we weren't tram travelers as we just want to know the traffic direction and we didn't even reach the ticket machine. Outer parts were dug by the cut-and-cover method and the stations are only a few metres under the surface. Contrast that with Berlin, which is spread out over a space of nearly square kilometers and where a train journey from one side of the city to the other can last up to an hour.

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It had messed up all my touring plan in Czech. Some stations are considered among the finest in Europe.

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The depth of the stations and the connecting lines varies considerably. Promoters of the plan believe that the scheme will serve an important societal function beyond the reduction of automobile traffic and its attendant pollution.

Whilst the large system is zonally priced, the metro is entirely inside the central zone. During the whole process, they headed towards us and finally forced us to a corner. We don't actually wanted to take the tram.

Many Prague Metro stations are quite large, with several entrances spaced relatively far apart. Each transfer route is clearly marked and takes minutes walking. This didn't go through and finally we paid in euros. Name of the following station e.

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The construction is projected to start in and could last up to six years. They just accepted cash but we hadn't enough Czech crowns so we offered to pay in credit cards. After we let them call the police, one of them made a telephone call but after several trials, it didn't get through. Now I really hate this city. Name of the station where the train is currently stopped, e.

Prague To Introduce Dating Cars on Subway

There is, after all, the practical matter of time.