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From the first episode you fall in love with the actors and sympathize them a lot. In this case, I think its Ivy and Siwon that will get together.

You should go read the manga. Does any one know if they will ever continue the Anime? Dear all the people who is posting the hours left we have eyes, i can see it myself. The drama park shin hye acted also have a korean version.

Her acting reminded me of Ella and also Rainie. Finally more screen time of Dong Hae and he certainly did not disappoint his fans. She is loud, fussy, clumsy and tends to get into really embarrassing situations. Anhui Satellite Television.

Skip Beat (Taiwanese TV series)

Another episode just ended. Edit this Page Edit Information. For some reason, I still feel that Sho and Gong Xi never quite left their past and most importantly, their feelings for each other behind even though Gong Xi said she already let everything behind. Would actually expected something great.

Based on the manga Skip Beat. The female lead is a pretty good actress. Donghae and Super Junior-M member Henry performed the ending.

Although the game is a continuation of the manga it does not follow the plot specifically. Can you hurry up with the subtitles? Television Broadcasts Limited.

Once she enters show biz Kyoko meets Ren Tsuruga, who at first disapproves of Kyoko for such a silly reason to begin acting, a profession he holds semi-sacred. It is still weird because like the anime it just stops!

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For now, I will just keep myself entertained with Super Junior music. This is just my analysis of the characters.

Skip-Beat (Extravagant Challenge)

In addition to the poster voting campaign, a giveaway of many of the drama's official products will be given to those who could locate taxis painted with the drama's official art in Taipei. It is a cute drama I like it! The drama ended the same as the anime. And it gave us some hope for those both. Forty-two volumes and one fanbook have been released in Japan, and forty of the volumes have been released in the United States.

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Skip Beat promotional poster. After this introduction, intensity by dean koontz Skip Beat! The first entitled Skip Beat! There is a Japanese version to the live drama which is a bit different than this Taiwanese version.

One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. Upon arriving in Taipei, Gong Xi starts working on multiple jobs in order to support Bu Po Shang, whose popularity quickly rises, eventually becoming one of the top idols in Taiwan. Along the way Kyoko meets many interesting people, troublemakers, foes, and friends alike, as she develops both as a person and as an actress. When will we know if there is a continuation? Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

As Kyoko cultivates her acting and friendships, she soon discovers a sense of self separate from her initial plans for revenge. Following the press conference, the script had to undergo a rewrite, and the drama's Japanese developers suffered a financial breakdown due to the restructuring of their joint venture company. That's about the time right? Use dmy dates from August Articles containing Chinese-language text Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text.

Is it because he use to be an angel? They have high rating, and the acting is very good! Yeah, i can tell that of cos real human is better then anime! As she is carried away by security, Sho mockingly tells her that if she wants revenge, she had better become a bigger star than he is. In my opinion, I think that Kyuhyun from Super Junior is more suited for the character of Shang because he just has that cold, malice, evil appearance.

Lian also eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, he finds himself falling more and more in love with her. Does anyone knows if this drama is airing without dub?

Manga Synopsis - Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. Since theres donghae and siwon. Furious and heartbroken, she vows revenge by beating him in show business.

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