Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Or perhaps it's the magic of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol who created a template for modern love, which was hip and cool but resolutely Indian. Its soundtrack album became one of the most popular of the s.

New Perspectives in Literature, Film and the Arts. However, after he discovers a photograph of Raj and Simran together in Europe, he slaps and humiliates Raj and tells him to leave. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of films released by Yash Raj Films. They were not impressed, but Aditya held fast to his ideas.

Indian Popular Cinema, Nation, and Diaspora. Yash did not want to, and tried to persuade Aditya to do it himself.

While fighting the old tradition of the arranged marriage, it still encouraged the importance of seeking parental consent, even for a love marriage. Best Performance in a Comic Role. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! Simran is disappointed, as she does not want to marry someone whom she has never met. Contributions to Indian Sociology.

An infuriated Baldev calls Raj a disgrace to India. Trust me, nothing happened last night. Raj falls in love with Simran on the journey, and when they part ways in London, Simran realises she is in love with him as well. Indian Film Festival, The Hague. Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema.

Baldev, realising nobody loves his daughter more than Raj does, lets her go, and she runs and catches the train as it departs. Directorate of Film Festivals. He then became excited about the possibility of directing the film himself. As Raj and his father wait at the railway station, Kuljeet, who is angry to learn of Raj's love for Simran, arrives with his friends and attack them. Many critics praised the film, which connected with different segments of society by simultaneously promoting strong family values and the following of one's own heart.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

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Yash Chopra

It is the longest-running film in the history of Indian cinema. One evening, Raj enters Baldev's shop after closing time to buy beer. Best Male Playback Singer. It's also, I think, a classic. Screen Award for Best Film.

The two miss their train to Zurich and are separated from their friends, but start to travel together and become friends. The story aims to capture the struggle between traditional family values and the modern value of individualism. It spawned many imitations of its story and style, and homages to specific scenes. Baldev recognises Raj from the beer incident but eventually accepts him. Eventually, Baldev and Ajit arrive and stop the fight, and Raj boards the departing train with his father.

Manpreet Kaur, Pamela Chopra. In India, Baldev is reunited with his relatives and his friend Ajit. Theatrical release poster. Lajjo also tells Raj and Simran to run away, but he still refuses.

Filmfare Award for Best Film. On the trip, Raj and Simran meet. Meanwhile, Raj tells his father about Simran and that she will soon get married.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge spawned many imitators of its story and style, true love ringtone especially throughout the s. Several later films have paid homage to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Films. Moral values and rules of conduct take precedence over individual desires.

International Journal of Cultural Studies. Yash Chopra Aditya Chopra. Raj constantly flirts with Simran, much to her irritation.

Later, his father arrives in India and also becomes friends with Simran's and Kuljeet's families. Simran pines for Raj, but her mother tells her to forget him because she knows Baldev will never accept their relationship. Superstars of Indian Cinema.

When Raj says he believes Simran loves him too, his father encourages him to go after her. Raja Sen gave a reflective review for Rediff. Shah Rukh was initially not interested because of the romantic nature of the role, having had success playing villainous roles.

It was their first collaboration with Yash Raj Films. Bollywood music Feature film soundtrack. Credits adapted from British Film Institute.

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Kajol & hah Rukh Khan

Simran asks her father to let her see the world before her marriage, and he reluctantly agrees. He wanted Tom Cruise for the role of Raj but was dissuaded by Yash, who did not want to use a foreign star. New York University Press. Saroj Khan was the choreographer throughout most of the production, but after several disputes between her and Aditya, she was replaced by Farah Khan near the end of the shoot. Jasmine friends with Aladdin.

Sen called the film well balanced and said only the fight scene and some mother-daughter dialogue can wear after multiple viewings. In this and other Indian stories, family values are ultimately considered more important than the romantic plot. Its success led other film makers to target the non-resident Indian audience, which was deemed more lucrative for them.

The next morning, Raj arrives outside of the house where Simran is staying and the two reunite. Film portal Bollywood portal s portal India portal. When a theatre strike in early threatened the film's uninterrupted run, the producer Yash Chopra contacted theatre owners to try and ensure the film would continue.

Karan Johar and Uday were put in charge because they had already been recording some of the process. Pamela's friend Honey Irani believed she deserved a writing credit that she did not receive, and Siddiqui believed Aditya did not deserve partial credit for the dialogue. After the film's eventual success, Saroj apologised to Aditya for underestimating him, but she never worked with him again. She begs him to elope with her, but Raj refuses and says he will only marry her with her father's consent.

Raj befriends Kuljeet and is quickly accepted by both families. Yash Raj Films was previously known for using locations outside India for item numbers in its films. Lata Mangeshkar, Kumar Sanu. This is a reversal of the roles in typical Indian films, which usually portray Indians as being morally superior to Westerners. British Board of Film Classification.