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Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL

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Data types (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server

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System Requirements Supported Operating System. The archived webpages are not processed by search engines, such as Bing. The precision, scale, and length of the result depend on the precision, scale, and length of the input expressions. The Database Engine also provides rich support for sustaining high availability.

SQL Server Study Material - For Beginner

Download and review the setup documentation. There are multiple files available for this download. Download the appropriate package by clicking one of the links below. User-defined types obtain their characteristics from the methods and operators of a class that you create by using one of the programming languages support by the.

The data type of the result is determined by applying the rules of data type precedence to the data types of the input expressions. Forums These can be a good place to read up on what kinds of problems other people had.

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Study and Reference Materials

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SQL Server Study Material - For Beginner