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Deadlines are posted for each study abroad program. Students must send their scholarship applications directly to the institution at which they are enrolled in a degree program.

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Murtada al-Zabidi

Kitabkhanah-ye Islami Islamic Library a number of important Islamic texts in Arabic, largely but by no means completely Shi'i texts fixed Dec. This is probably the most important hagiography of the Prophet Muhammad s. In case something is unclear, reading the following instructions from Penn. Written in the classical style of spiritual aphorisms, this work is a treasure-trove of classical Islamic spiritual wisdom, free of all of the usual barriers between Sufism and the common believer.

If this kind of uncertainty is bothersome, we recommend taking the Center for Language and Culture's Arabic intensive programs. Among the translations now on-line is the well-known Tafsir al-Jalalayn.

This collection includes a compilation of the names and brief descriptions of those who were said to have fabricated or forged hadiths. Lessons on Arabic Grammar post-beginning. Al-Waraq On-line Library of Classical Arabic Texts Although for a while it was necessary to pay to be able search this invaluable library, now it is free again.

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Arabic Calligraphy, a four-part article by the calligrapher Mamoun Sakkal. Nielsen Book Data Publisher's Summary Few forms of classical Islam are more controversial among modern Muslims than the spiritual discipline known as Sufism. If you pass, you will get credit. The scholarships can be used on any study abroad program, not just programs in the System.

It has been translated into English by Ayesha Bewley. An outstanding contribution to scholarship and a must-read for every lost soul. You will need RealAudio for this.

In particular its copy of Lisan al-'arab in the subcategory of Ma'ajim is vocalized and well-formatted in the search results. Google Translator from English to Arabic.

If you fail, you will not get credit. Any student in the University System of Georgia in good standing can apply study abroad scholarships.

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All of the subcategories and the titles included therein can be viewed at Khizanat al-kutub The Repository of the Books. Includes bibliographical references and index. Jackson specializes in teaching Additionally, Dr. At the end of the document are the instructions for viewing Arabic on the Web New, not invalidating Dec.

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Students studying Arabic, Persian, and Turkish are given special consideration since these languages are among those deemed particularly important to the national interest. Arabic text and recitation The recitation is by Shaykh Khalil al-Husari and is considered to be ideal for learning the proper pronunciation of the Qur'an.

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Although rudimentary, it is still useful. Make sure to include in your letter your email, phone number, and a return address to which we can mail your form if need be.

Nielsen Book Data Subjects. Honerkamp when you return. An invaluable book for undergraduate courses and non-academic readers alike. Note that Georgia residents who qualify for a Hope scholarship can use their scholarship to study abroad.

Lessons of the first level introduce the Arabic script. In addition to their own books, they can supply customers with books published by other publishers. The new application for annual study abroad opportunities is ready. Then bring those documents in to the Department of Religion office manager, who will pass it on to Dr.