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Police Patas Telugu Movie Official Trailer

Background music by Sai Kartheek is nice. Murali along with his team go to the spot to save the witness. Once he lands there, he misuses his power and starts minting money.

There is nothing much going story wise and the plot is also predictable. The climax should have been more interesting. Though the conflict between son and father is not convincing enough, he made sure that the game plan between hero and villain in second half goes in an entertaining way.

There is nothing much to do for new actress Shruti Sodhi in this film and she is just okay. The hard work that he has put in, be it for his dances or his fights, everything shows on screen. As said earlier, story of this film is quite stale and old. And the mother rapid force is also hilarious. Narayana was cast for a supporting role who died on the day of the film's release.

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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram who has been trying to get the film right in past few years seems to have got it right with Patas. Director Anil Ravipudi walks away with the cake in Patas. He is back with his latest presentation Patas, antivirus scanner software which is directed by debutante Anil Ravipudi. Kalyan Ram Paatas Movie release date Poster.

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Murali and Kalyan are united and Kalyan's marriage with Mahathi is approved. As showcased in the trailers, he is quite energetic and showcases decent acting skills in all his powerful scenes. He did well in emotional scenes as well. Subhash faces the media in disguise as a fan of Tamannaah and reconfirms the same.

While the first half has hilarious entertainment, second half has high voltage confrontation episodes. The other partner and his son are intoxicated and their car is made to collide a static truck. This action entertainer which also stars Shruthi Sodhi as the female lead has hit the screens today. It is his racy narration that works superbly for the film.

Choudry has bought the rights for Tamil. Music is a huge asset as all the songs are pretty good, and have also been shot quite lavishly. His serious heroism oriented dialogues are good. To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Kannada remake rights of the film was bought by S. How to Make Andhra Chepala Pulusu. Kalyan Sinha Kalyan Ram is a corrupt police officer who gets himself transferred to Hyderabad.

Pataas Telugu Full Movie Watch Download Online - video dailymotion

Second half is engaging with entertainment. They die with a non stop super fast train passing over them. Screenplay is crisp and does not leave much scope for any lags. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram was seen as a police officer in the film.

Heroine Shruthi Sodhi is a decent find and looks good on screen. Plus points of the film are Kalyan Ram and mass entertainment. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has been looking for a hit from quite some time now. He is highly entertaining including in the title-rolling scenes. Srinivas Reddy character provides entertainment with modulation of various actors.

Police Patas Telugu Movie Official Trailer

Police Patas Telugu Movie Official Trailer

First half of the film is alright. Even though story of this film is routine, the way it has been narrated is amazing. Reports of Ravipudi making his directorial debut by collaborating with Kalyan Ram emerged in late March and Pre-production work was in progress. He loves Mahathi and expects her to reciprocate the same only to be rejected by her because of his corrupt nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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However, debutant director Anil Ravipudi has displayed his ability at doing mass scenes and entertainment oriented episodes correctly. Not once during the entire film tempo drops and excitement continues right till the end. The police shoot the car and the duo die in a blast. He is a corrupt officer who becomes a headache to entire police department. Ashish Vidyarthi Rudrapratap.

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Posani Krishna Murali get another entertaining role. Kalyan Ram has carried off cop role convincingly. Story of the film is normal. International Business Times India. Kalyan manages to save Mahathi but is very far from the spot.

Anil Ravipudi worked with Santosh Srinivas in the latter's directorial debut Kandireega as a writer and wrote this film's script. It was dubbed in Hindi by the same name. Major plus point of the film is the heavy dose of entertainment.

Sai Kumar gets a meaty role and plays it perfectly. Please help improve this section if you can.