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Many of the old favourites were given a new lease of life by the tour, which demonstrated all too clearly that the newer songs are decidedly second rate when presented alongside them. To sum this album up, there are really four things that you get out of it when you listen to it. The orchestra is perfectly integrated as an extra band member, providing counter- themes and melodies that actually help build the songs rather than simply decorate them. Chris Squire's distinctive bass sound is always powerful, but here it is exceptionally so.

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The important thing is that the post- Tormato era released at least one great Yes record. Soft As A Dove is a lovely song with gorgeous flute and acoustic over violin strings. The rest of the song is one of those inspiring anthems that Jon can belt out when he's got the rest of Yes there to keep him from getting too syrupy. It seems that they didn't use enough microphones, and recorded the orchestra from a distance. Compared to Time and a Word the orchestration works much better on Magnification though.


Ciara Like You Bow Wow ft. Overall, a positive album from Yes, which sees them trying hard to rekindle the magic of their early material. Even if the song's pale in comparison to the ambition and genius of classic albums, the fact that they are played with such a renewal of energy makes them very enjoyable to listen to. It is a slow beautiful song like And You and I.

At the time of writing, this remains Yes's latest album. Steve Howe is the standout of this track. Blige I'm A Hustla Cassidy ft.

Track listing

Track listing

Unappreciated appears on the album Unappreciated. Watch the video, wilcom designer software get the download or listen to Cherish Unappreciated for free. Unappreciated is the debut studio album by American girl group Cherish. Complete your Cherish collection.

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The only problem is in the recording of the orchestra. The vocals are quite frankly some of the finest Yes has ever done. Magnification is a good song and a strong opening to this album. Squire sounds amazing singing backup, and Howe's playing suits his style throughout the whole piece.

By now it's clear that this album is more song-oriented than just being a platform for individual virtuosity and it is amazingly refreshing. Lyrically, it is just as good as the Key to Ascension studio material. We are once again worshipping the Sun - oh happy days! The sound of this album is very powerful. This one eventually picks up just the slightest bit of steam, before ending rather abruptly.

Cherish Featuring Yung Joc. The musicianship is excellent as expected. Strange, yes, but somehow true. You get to hear an experiment in replacing the keyboards with an orchestra which is largely successful. The intro is terrible, it is so much based around that uninspired melody and contains cheesy lyrics.

Infectious hooks and powerful singing are accompanied by sweeping orchestration and a wonderful outro that segued straight into Spirit Of Survival. Squire comes in soon and then that orchestra makes the soundscape soar into the heavens. But here it works extremely well, I think!

It doesn't hurt things the fact that Jon Anderson, whose voice is really an acquired taste, has one of his most enjoyable, least-irritating performances ever. That's okay though, since the music makes up for it, really. But it is at the same time very much an album in the classic Yes tradition.

Anderson has a very good vocal and the lyrics are heartfelt. If I would compare this album with all the progressive rock, prog metal etc. The artwork is rather simplisctic, clearly only the band's logo was done by Roger Dean. So, getting into the feel for this album shouldn't be hard, and the music is very uplifting.

The bass guitar line is very good. Diddy Shake Ya Tailfeather Nelly ft. The fact that so much of the spotlight is given to the orchestra makes the symphonic experiment so much more than the ego trip it usually is for bands. This album will soon become a Yes classic. The strings and woods and metals are there to share the stage with guitars, basses and drums plus vocals in the same level, adding atmosphere, magic, and some passion to the music.

Different though they may be they are of no less intrigue. So much hidden talent in this band it is simply amazing! The result is an appropriately epic one, and will not disappoint fans of the band. Yes fans should own this, but it's not a strong classic album.


This is a pretty good Yes album. Give Love Each Day opens with somber orchestra sweeps like a movie soundtrack, glorious it its composition. Songlist printing tips click here.

While not a masterpiece, it is better than most neo prog of these times. Fortunately they didn't go qute as far overboard as they did on, say, Open Your Eyes off the album of the same name, which this reminds me of. This should have been the end of the album. If you are looking for an extremely great bargain, go and pick up this album right now, you can buy it pretty much just with pocket change!

The problem begins there after. The opener explodes with sound, leading into the dynamic contrasts of Spirit of Survival where savage riffing contrasts expertly with tender textures. In The Presence of is the second epic, and I think it is excellent, and was even better live. Magnification is in my opinion just as strong as The Ladder.

Indeed, even the shorter songs have multiple sections, expertly intertwined. These are song fairly interesting symphonic renditions that sound a lot different than the originals. The album was co-produced by Jermaine Dupri, along with the group. The album doesn't have a keyboard player.

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This is not a masterpiece, but all things considered is a quite decent work. Nas Blindfold Me Kelis ft. The results are very pleasing.