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Victorian match making factories, conditions in Victorian Factories

The machines were very loud and they thundered relentlessly all day long. Good hot dinners, consisting of meat and two kinds of vegetables, are supplied at the extremely small charge of threepence per head. In the business paid a dividend at the rate of twenty-five per cent. Could get a hundred every day if he could employ them.

The police are as a rule extremely good to the match girls, and a constable will rarely interfere with them unless positively compelled to do so. There are six or seven match manufactories in the East End, el virus t existe yahoo dating and they give employment to some thousands of women and girls.

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The number of teas supplied during the same period was nine thousand. The dipper is helped in mixing by a small boy whom I saw beside him paddling the mixture, actually leaning over the dipping stone. Of course, places for washing, etc. The number of bundles each can tie is about two every three minutes.

They continue to be very fond of dancing, but they are even more attached to singing. We found five women engaged in this work. Can see his dress shine in the dark. The Bryant and May factory received bad publicity from these events, and in they announced that their factory no longer used white phosphorus.

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You can do nothing with them by hard words or angry looks, but a great deal by kindness. The ordinary hands now make from seven to ten shillings a week, which is a great advance on former figures.

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Not the least useful feature of this institution is the medical aid which it places at the disposal of the girls. One woman who was interviewed had worked continuously in the same establishment for twenty years, and she was as robust as could be wished. On a horizontal framework, situated at right angles to this iron platform, were laid the blocks which had been already cut. Always goes out to dinner. Nevertheless in this small room between the workshop and drying room close by the hatch, a boy and girl fill frames.

Conditions in Victorian Factories

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Many workers were killed or injured by the machines they worked with. Altogether this seems a very nicely conducted place.

The workers had to move quickly to keep up with the machinery. So much for their out-door existence. Of course it is impossible to sleep any number of these girls in such small premises, but some ten or twelve can be taken in for the night. When the missionary called there, the father was away trying to obtain work, and the mother had gone out to beg or borrow a loaf of bread.

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The factory still struggled to compete on price, and after the War Cry ceased to advertise their matches. Many a match girl of sixteen marries a dock labourer or factory hand is no older. The factories are fairly well ventilated, and I am bound to say that, to all appearances, the comfort of the girls and women is studied by their employers. Taking the class as a whole, I think the good preponderate over the bad.

Never finds the work hurt his people. It has often been said that she started or led the strike but this is not so. They make more in an hour than we do in a day.

Lewis Waite has carried on this business for seven years. They all sport high-heeled boots, and consider a fringe an absolute essential. It never caught hold of his teeth. Their home life is not so bright, and the cause for this is not far to seek. How it has done so, we propose to explain in as simple and intelligible language as we can command.

Some of the Victorian factories were incredibly large and employed more than people. Here are some facts about the factories of Victorian Britain. Conditions in Victorian Factories Life was very hard for workers in most Victorian factories. Conditions in factories did improve during the Victorian period. The poor crippled half-witted lad was endeavouring to help his sister in the manufacture of some large match-boxes.

Workers could be fined or sacked for falling behind. Cooks on that stove pointing to that used for heating the mixture and also the dipping stone. Only changes if he wishes to be tidy.

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There is a savings bank in connection with the Institute, and at the present time the names of two hundred depositors are on its books. Speaking generally, the factory hands are a healthy class. In this all the remaining processes are carried on.

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Has had one or two out because they ached. The business is now much more humanely managed, and the labour of the workers has been considerably lightened by the introduction of improved machinery. In cotton mills, dust from the yarn covered the workers and got in their throats. Why are there not a dozen?